Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Moments

Hi, I'm back, what a long week of change and excitement, but mainly challenge. I was approached with some rather difficult moments that blossomed to being a blessing in disguised. Everything is taken care of now, well, for the most part. I have to push myself a little harder than before but I know, eventually, it will pay off and things will manifest the way it suppose too. I danced the other day, I just felt like dancing and I danced all around my living room with my hands in the air being silly. While I danced, I laughed as well. It felt so good.

Sunday was an awesome game changer of happiness for me. Saturday night I decided to listen to a podcast of encouraging words like "I am a child of God," and "I am someone worth knowing."
After listening and falling asleep, I woke up to not wanting to get out of the bed, but I did. I watched Joel Osteen and he was speaking about encouraging yourself and speaking positivity over your life. He basically gave a formula to changing your life for the better or at least being happy right where you are until your change comes. He has so much confidence when he speaks that helped me to be confident when I do.

My happiness, happy moments where in seeing my children and I practice continual happiness and love for one another, to see my family laugh together, to see my bills paid after I was sent a disconnect notice. Life just blossomed beautifully.

I had so many moments that is carrying me into this week with joy. There is so much more to come.

Stay tune!

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