Friday, March 13, 2015

The Bride: Meet Parish

Parish is London's boyfriend that will become her fiancé, and then, her husband.

Parish has to deal with his own troubles, but unlike, London, he has forgiven his past, and has moved on.

Parish didn't grow up with a father, so, he can't fully understand what London is going through, but he still feels that she should find a way to love herself and her dad again.

He is London's better half.

He is the definition of God's love manifested upon the earth.

He loves her unconditionally, even when he has to let her go, in order for her to learn how to love again, and forgive herself.

He waits for her and then arrives ready to share his life and hers together.

He is talented and successful, but his character lights up in how much he loves London, and his level of humility.

He respects her and opens the door for her to love again and explore new horizons that she wasn't previously introduced too.

Stay tune for how he calls his bride to him.

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