Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mommy's Doll

Mommy's Doll by Matasha Lee
 It is time to get my doll out to play:

to stroke her hair, dress her, and to play pretend.
I comb her thick, gorgeous, charcoal black hair so she can look pretty.
I put her hair into a ponytail,
and apply her bows and ribbons.
Oh, how adorable she will be for all my friends and family to see.
Her hair is now done.
I lay her on the bed as I pick out a dress for her to wear.
I hang all her clothes in my closet.
I pick out a pink floral dress with a white ribbon tied to the waistline.
Yes, this is the one.
I pick her up neatly.
I do not want to mess up her hair.
I gently put the dress upon her head and pull it down to fit.
Fixing every part of her dress, so she can look presentable.
I sat dolly up on the bed and look at how beautiful she is.

I pick her up, hold her, and say, "Awe, how I love you, dolly."

I place her down and walked away.

When I came back, dolly sat in the same place.

She was still perfect.

I went, looked in the mirror, and saw my perfections,

I had my hair tied in a ponytail with a ribbon streaming in my hair,

with my all pink dress on with a white bow tied in the back.

My dolly and I looked just alike.

Our clothes where neat and our hair was gently combed.

We are perfectly made.

But there is something different: my reflection is showing my scars.

Dolly is not abused like I.

I pick up a marker and draw scars upon her lifeless body.

Now, we can play pretend.

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