Wednesday, March 11, 2015

War Wounds of Beauty by Matasha Lee

War Wounds of Beauty
I carry the scars of the deepest depths of the ocean.
My secret treasure buried within me.
My story unfolds before me,
but behind a mask, I do not hide.
I do not shadow my thoughts.
My mind is visible to see.
Shine the light on my heart beat.
I promise you it won't lie,
It will whisper softly, so listen up carefully.
There is a road that leads to my Pain
But when you get there you will not find any,
only a construction sign that says do not enter!
I think of myself as being under recovery.
My fashion of being is perfect.
I wear my garment knowing that I belong here.
My head is held high.
I do not have a sinking ground.
There is no weird tunnel to get to me.
There is no secret code or pathway.
I carry the words of integrity upon my shoulders.
If you take my shirt off and reveal my back,
you will see the war wounds of beauty,
but know that I am not ashame.
I do not hide my flesh.
I walk around naked.
It is not revealing to me.
I want you to see all of me.
Don't live a lie about me that I did not create!
Don't fool yourself but learn.
I promise I do not have anything to hide.
I've been to war and won.
Warrior princess is one of my names.
Written by: Matasha Lee

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