Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Bride: London's Story

The Bride: Meet London
"Meet London, a young lady who danced with her father. Picture it, she tries to step on her daddy’s feet to get as tall as he, so he can guide her while they dance, and boy, do they dance. They dance, spin, and twirl and she sees her first hero, her first love, protection, security, strength. Her daddy is her world, but London and her dad bond breaks. London is forced to find her way out in the world. What will she do? How will she handle it? Will she ever wear the crown of a princess? Will she ever dance with her father again?"
You just read a piece of my book called: The Bride
The main character name is London. 
She is twenty-five years of age. 
She grows up being daddy's little princess.
Her love for her father was truly worth seeing and she loved to dance with him.
She saw her dad as her hero and first love, but their bond breaks when her dad and mom get a divorce. Her dad gets a new family and doesn't have time for London anymore.
London doesn't know how to handle her dad not being around.
She acts out instead of forgiving him.
Her and her dad will part ways in the story and London will find love in Parish.
Their love will blossom into something beautiful, until London dad dies, tragically, and London is faced with having to deal with the guilt of not choosing to rekindle her relationship with her father, on her engagement day.
Yes, you heard right. London had just got engaged that evening when her dad died.
London tries to move on, but is unable too because her dad shows back up to try to mend their broken relationship, but London is not willing.
London's unwillingness to let go of her past, stubbornness, and lack of love, she is unable give to her fiancé, and everyone else in her life, will cause her to lose it all.
London will find her way again, repair her relationship with her father, and become a beautiful bride to her fiancé.
Her story is a true modern fairytale of what it means when you forgive and learn to love again.
Stay Tune!

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