Thursday, March 12, 2015

Newly Blossomed

The weather has been up and down in Texas.

The season has been long and cold,

But, now things are changing.

As I walked to my favorite diner as the sun crept away,

I got to witness love blossoming.

The trees are changing and the flowers that have been hidden are blooming again.

The tree that I saw that use to be bare on a sidewalk pathway, isn't bare any longer.

The tree now carries a perfume.

A new elegance is upon its branches.

A beautiful sight to see, and I captured it.

It's beauty stopped me in my tracks.

I just had to show the love in the air.

I was looking for a story of love and nature did not disappoint.

Another beautiful sign that God is watching over me.

Check out his beauty:

Newly Blossomed.

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