Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Girl with the Broken Wing (poetry and monologue)

The Girl with the Broken Wing
Lord, allow me to fly beyond my limits that have been placed on my life.
Lord, I'm trying to soar past the storms and stop signs that keep blocking me.
Oh, God, I forgot to say that I only have one wing.
I know, to fly, you need two, but I was wondering if you will allow the impossible to happen in my life.
I'm also afraid of heights.
Here I am standing at the edge of the mountain; one wing and afraid of the top.
Fly little eaglet, the voice speaks to me through the wind;
I make a step and then become frozen in time.
I look back, Oh, why did I do that?
I look forward and become afraid.
Look, you don't understand, I've gotten use to not knowing how to fly.
I mean I only have one wing and people said, "I'll never make it."
And, I use to always try different steps, but nothing seemed to work.
So, you see, flying wasn't an option in my life;
I could only see the beautiness of flying in my dreams,
when my eyes were closed.
Yeah, everything seems possible in my dreams.
I could see myself flying in the clouds and up above the rainbow, h
igh above the sky.
I could see myself flying even while He and I ride.
Not a drip of rain touches me, not a thunder that roars, frightens me.
I'm not afraid of the lightening flashing.
The winds that blows keeps my wing a soar.
But every time I think that I can go back to reality with my same euthusiasm, someone seems to remind me, that I only have one wing.
So, standing at the edge of a mountain with a broken wing, facing reality while a voice whispers, "Fly little eaglet," just don't seem possible to me!
So, I stand still, while tears roll down my face.
Not wanting to turn around and to afraid to fly
Only if I could shut up the voices of doubt that rings loudly in my ear,
that pounds upon my brain.
This is the funny thing
The voices aren't mine.
Okay, Lord, I'm ready.
I take a step, Lord, are you here, okay.
I open my wings and I
my eyes are shut.
Oh my, I'm falling,
Wait a minute,
what is this,
I'm flying?
Am I,
am I really flying
with a broken wing?
Jesus whispers to me and say, No,
by my stripes you are healed
No more dreams,
This is reality!
Written by: Matasha Lee

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