Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stay Tune!

I am going to step away for a while!

Praying that there is enough left on my blog until I return.

You have been invited into my story, my life.

My desire is to share more with you.

Don't you know I need you, yes, you, in order for me to continue.

I have wrote all alone for years in my room, away from people, pouring my heart out.

This blog is a way of saying my desires isn't to be alone, anymore.

My wish is to connect with my readers, hear them say, wow, I know exactly where you are coming from or through your story I learned to overcome.

We are only entering into each other's spaces and sharing time.

It is a treat to read comments from people who were excited after reading some things on my blog.

It is exciting to watch someone stop time to read my words that were written.

You help encourage my smile and help me to desire to write more.

Haven't stayed up all night and written in years, and I have been doing just that lately.

Hopefully, you will continue to share your space with me.

Will return to write again in a week, as we go deeper into: The Bride.

You will get to learn the back story and my inspiration.

There will be more poetry posted and will try to find a new love story to post.

I will post more music and inspiration here as well.

Remember, it only takes one hand to help someone that has fallen..-Matasha Lee

Until we meet again, enjoy: The Beauty of my story!

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Will become more active on Pinterest with my writing, so, stay tune for that!


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