Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Bride: Meet Cheryl and Jeremy

Cheryl is Carl's wife at the beginning of the story.

She is the one that her dad cheated on her mom with.

London sees her as destruction and wants no parts with her.

Cheryl has to go through her own issues with facing her infidelities because she was married, building a new relationship with her son, Jeremy, and having to deal with the fact that her husband is no longer with her.

She has to learn to cope with life again.

She has to go through her husband passing alone.

Her and London's relationship will be repaired and she will form a new connection with someone else.

Stay tune to read who.

Jeremy is London's step-brother, unlike London, he chooses to forgive what happened at an early age and becomes London's replacement.

He bonds with Carl and gives him the son he always wanted but how will him and London relationship end or begin?

Stay tune! 

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