Thursday, March 12, 2015

Love that Stands the Test of Time!

A Story of Love by Amber Root: I am Listening
"My husband and I met when I was in high school.
We were friends for a year and a half before we even started dating.
We dated the whole time I was at University.
 It was hard to be in a long distance relationship.
But we made it work.
He proposed to me a month before i went back for my senior year at UC Berkeley.
 This is how you know a man is capable of listening.
When he proposed it was by giving me a hard cover of the first book we ever talked about on the first day we ever met.
 The proposal was on the back page.
I tell you this: I couldnt even see the ring my eyes were so misty.
The next year, as we planned the wedding, we were tested more times than I can count.
But on a sunny day in May, I walked down the isle.
 It"s funny but the only thing I remember with perfect clarity was my husband's smile as we met at the end of the isle.
It was a smile you could live a lifetime in.
Two kids and ten years later I am still living in that smile."
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