Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Grocery Store

I don't have a car, so, when I go to the grocery store when someone takes me, I always feel rushed. The question the majority of the people that take me ask, "How long are you going to take?" When they don't ask that I still feel it is common courtesy to not to take as long, but it makes me upset that I can't just stop and look around or that I can only go to one grocery store. There is so much in the grocery store and so much to explore. There are different foods to look at, and my desire is to try new things, but some times I just go for the same things because it is easier to reach for them to get the job done, and be out when I said I would. I do not like rushing. I like taking my time, to learn what is out there, look at different recipes on the back of can and boxes. I want to see the displays that they put together to help us try something new. I want to taste test the samples they have prepared for us. I want to go to more than one grocery store so I can explore the differences that they share. I also desire to go into a Whole Foods Market. Each Whole Foods Market I have seen comes with a lifestyle. Why do I say that because each time I see one it is kept in a well-kept neighborhood on the North side of town. There isn't one within reach where I live.

Each month I am subject to enter the grocery store, buy mostly the same foods, and leave. Sometimes, I get to find something new, like macaroons, a dessert that people in the fashion industry loves and it comes in different colors and flavors. I was so excited to see it within my atmosphere because I didn't think it could be. My children and I shared the moment together. My favorite was the raspberry kind, but I haven't went an bought anymore since. They are not the same from the grocery store, but it was exciting to have the experience.

There is so much more that I desire to taste and cook for myself. I just want to stop and buy ingredients and herbs. I want to learn about them. I want to go to the store, on my own, with a recipe and buy what is needed to fix it for that night. I want to know what it feels like to go to the grocery store and buy for a week, not just for how long I think it would take till I received another ride to the grocery store.

I know where there is a will there is a way, so I declare and decree that I will drive to the grocery store and explore each section. I will walk through each aisle and see what each one can offer me. I will look up and see what each sign says to direct me on the journey of discovering new foods. I will read labels and know what I am consuming within my body. I will knock on a watermelon or a hard fruit to discover its freshness. I will take pictures of the things I love and post it on my blog. I will be happy when I leave the store to enter back into my home with the enthusiasm of the exploration of the discovery to the trip to the grocery store. I will be excited to open up each bag to pull out what I am cooking for that day. I will go to take a drive to the Whole Foods Market and enter not intimidated but excited about what I am about to embark on when I enter. I will take pictures of the different colors it has to offer. I will walk down each aisle and embrace each moment I am there. I will pay for my items and put them in a recycled shopping bag because I no longer need plastic. I will drive with gratitude that I finally was able to enter and take a trip there. Whole Foods Market will become my new place to shop. I will share my experience not just through photos, but for someone else to feel what it looks and feels like to explore territory that they couldn't embark on for themselves, and when my vision grows even stronger, I will give a single mother or father the same opportunity like me, that may not have a car, the opportunity to go into the grocery store and pause.

We all should be able to enjoy our moment to the grocery store, to share in its beauty of creation, and to take home the food we have bought, and enter our kitchens to prepare the meal we have spent time on making sure that this is what my body desires to taste and receive today.

My prayer: God bless all those who go without. I pray that they will one day receive not only the opportunity to enter a market but that they will root up the grounds of their labor and be the ones that we all are grateful too for being able to be farmers, and explores of the soils of your earth without someone stealing or taking from them that their labor will be rewarded and fruitful.

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