Monday, March 30, 2015

Poetry night, story telling pt2: Can I find you again by Matasha Lee?

Can I find you again? ©
My heart is calling for you, but I don't know where you are
(Come find me)
How did I loose you with no crowd?
(I'm lost without you)
How did I use to love you, but now I don't know how?
(My heart is breaking)
Will you allow me to see what use to take my breath away and my heart to skip a beat?
(I need you)
Can I caress you again, and know how you feel deep within my soul?
(Come save me)
If we ever meet again will you promise never to let me go?
(Hold me)
I use to be inspired by you
(Free me)
You were my day and night,
(Where are you)
My moon and stars
(I can't see you)
Will you come back to me?
(My love)
It was just a dream.
Written by: Matasha Lee

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