Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Bride: Meet Carl

Carl is London's dad.

He is her world, but Carl is dealing with his own issues, and has another life, somewhere else.

He doesn't discuss his decision with anyone and he can't hide his infidelities for long.

His truth comes forth as a divorce from his wife, London's mother.

His intentions is not to hurt London, but in his actions, he drifts away from her, causing their love to fade.

On London's engagement day, Carl dies.

But, his love and lack of healing on his part causes him to be bound on earth to fix his relationship with his daughter.

He tries to repair their relationship, but runs into the daughter that he abandoned, and for a while has to wonder to and fro because London refuses to give him a chance.

He has to come to terms with what he has done, and eventually, London opens up, and he becomes a gift to help London find love in herself and others.

They repair their relationship. He becomes healed, and his life changes as well.

You have to stay tune to see how his life will transform after his daughter becomes: The Bride.


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