Monday, March 30, 2015

Poetry night, story telling: The Voice of a Writer by Matasha Lee

The Voice of a Writer©
My pain became my pen and told me to write.
I gained a voice through every ink touching the page.
I knew I existed when a thought came to me and I could speak through an analogy.
I painted master pieces with my words that grabbed hold to my audience's heart.
Every word on the page represented a heart beat of mine-telling the stories of silence.
Through writing I found a voice that millions can speak.
I gave away tears and my fears but when it hit paper, it gave hope.
I am not a writer by choice.
My stories found me, and I gave my pen a voice.
Written by: Matasha Lee
"When I look back over my life and try to write about happiness my pen is silent and voice is choked. My ink pen only produces pain."- Matasha Lee

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