Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My three passions

Writing, Music, and Fashion

Probably before I started creating my vision board, I realized that I am limiting my blog. I love writing. It is a strong passion of mine, but a lot of my writing is from my past. I write, every now and then, but not like I did when I was a child, but any time I needed my creativity to flow, writing came out of me, but also fashion and music. I can't get away from the love affair I have with the three, and it started as a kid.

When I was a little girl I fell in love with fashion when my mom bought me a barbie fashion sketcher. The passion just grew over the years, into fashion sketching, styling, modeling, and beyond. I just loved everything about it, but it is something about staying up late at night, sometimes all night long, and figure out which item should go with which. The bag that pops when it is put with the right outfit; deciding which jewelry should go or if any jewelry at all, playing with colors and patterns, and the process seems overwhelming but the finish result is like God took my hand and guided it, but it isn't just fashion that has me up till the crack of dawn, but the sound of beautiful music that rocked me to sleep or had me filled with a morning praise. I remember when I was sad I use to go outside of our home, unto the porch with a blanket and a radio, sit and listen to 107.5 Smooth Jazz, until I fell asleep, outside into the night sky; or, times when I would leave church and have a program with me to play church in my room. Even, today, I still sing every chance I get but especially when I see the inspiring singers on The Voice or American Idol. I just love to sing, to wake up to music, to fall asleep with it by my side.

There isn't a part of me that doesn't eat, breathe, and sleep fashion, music, and writing. I think it comes out more when I'm just free to do it without pressure, without a crowd, but a part of me wants to share this part of me, to give my all to the world in love through those three outlets.

I know my life, vision, story, journey is narrowing down and I'm really being able to see my strong points, where I really shine and prosper.

I know where I belong in this world. I know what stirs my soul, and I know my destiny.

I just have to remain true to myself and creativity, continually be the free-spirited butterfly I know that I am.  

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