Monday, March 30, 2015

Poetry night, story telling: Agony by Matasha Lee

Agony ©
Torture is what I feel.
Relief is what I seek.
I have loved you from the moment
I laid eyes on you and haven't stopped since
Your heart I long for
Your love I seek.
I need to know the fight I'm fighting is not alone.
I long for you.
I need your tinder kiss.
I don't want to say, Goodbye.
For I rather say, Hello
Hello, to a better tomorrow
Goodbye to a broken past
Whatever situation we are facing we both should know that it won't last.
I hope we can last forever and our rain could will turn into a rainbow.
In due time we will see the dove that God has sent.
Let's not let torture dominate our fight anymore.
We should let peace reign out the land. 
Written by: Matasha Lee

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