Monday, March 9, 2015

The Reflection of me (poetry)

Reflection of Me by Matasha Lee

Today I stare in the mirror exposed,

I see me, not me that I have been hiding, but me,

The scarred me: with stretch marks upon my belly,

The shade of me: my caramel skin beautifully painted on,

The tall me: that may have a long neck and big head, but I wouldn’t trade me for the world.

I am beautiful inside and out.

Throughout the years I have had trouble seeing me,

The authentic me: the me I couldn’t hide if I desired too.

I know I directed my treatment from others to hurt me because I didn’t fully accept me.

Well, now, no worries.

I have no need to close my eyes.

I don’t have everything in the world to paint the picture I desire,

But when I’m naked I still love me.

I’m not toned on every part of my body, but man, do I look good.

My reflection shines bright.

I cannot change and will not change what God has constructed for I believe I am made perfectly fine.

I am created in a divine image and have access to the most beautiful things that make up me: love, happiness, joy, friendship, and family.

I have hope dripping from my eyes,

Light shining through my mouth.

I have faith in front me and forgiveness behind me.

I’m set to see what life has to offer me.

I reflect greatness because I never give up on what I truly believe in.

I accept the reflection of me, see me, see me proud.

I am me, yes, I choose to be me.
(not my image)

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